64-bit VMs

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at hp.com
Mon Apr 4 21:06:49 UTC 2005

On Apr 4, 2005, at 2:00 PM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

>> (Did you make a 64-bit VM and run the 64-bit image too?)
> Nope; no 64bit machine so I can't really do anything useful with it.

The whole point is that you can run a 64-bit VM on 32-bit hardware 
provided your compiler has a 64-bit integer type (long long or 
whatever).  I made pre-compiled 64-bit VMs available for Pentium and 
(32-bit native) PowerPC, neither of which are 64-bit hardware.

> Send money.

Not necessary.  Execute 'ObjectMemory initBytesPerWord: 8', regenerate, 
[ recompile, fix errors, run 64-bit VM ] repeatAsNecessary.

> I'm not sure about a 'both' button though. With having to re-init OM 
> for each
> form it wouldn't be doable to simply write out a 32b followed by a 64 
> b version
> of each file in turn. It would have to be; do one version of all 
> requested work
> (remember you can ask for entire vm, just the core+internal, just the 
> external
> plugins, an individual plugin) and then re-init OM and repeat.

That's what we need.  With appending '32' and '64' to the path so that 
each version of the VM goes into a different tree.  But it's no real 
hassle to re-accept the path I guess, since it's mainly once per VM 
release that most people who care will be wanting to generate both at 
the same time...


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