bug in svnx and rollback of /trunk/platforms/Cross/vm/sq.h needed (1172)

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 13 22:19:15 UTC 2005

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          Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:

>  > So let's just drop the no longer needed macro.
> Agreed.
Good. That was nice and simple - makes a nice change this week.

What do we do about making decently pickled platform trees for each release? I
won't even pretend to have had time to understand any details of svn branches
and so on. What I _do_ have is a pickled platform tree for 3.6g2, 3.7a1&2, 3.
7b1-6 and 3.8b1-3. They are of course in RISC OS format which makes them a tad
less useful to anyone else without some CR/LF & name processing fiddles.

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