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John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed Apr 13 22:41:21 UTC 2005

I looked at this a few months back, since each change is numbered you  
just wander thru the log picking out where your versions were commited.
For example for the mac I've noted:
3.2.1b6  is 80
3.2.2 is 179
3.2.3 is 187
3.2.4 is 211
3.2.5b8 is 268
3.2.6b8 is 308
3.2.7b7 is 429
3.2.8b9 is 482
3.4.0b2 is 498
3.5.0b4 is 545
3.5.1b5 is 595
3.5.2b6 is 771 (issues with other update?)
3.6.0b2b is 785
3.6.1b5 is 798
3.6.2b3  is 805 (not shipped)

With this in theory you can create a branch for your vm version by  
copying the main trunk upto the particular
version number in question to a branch folder. Can't say I know what  
the proper svn cmd would be tho.
I have local pickled versions and noted say for 3.5.2b6 I managed to  
get a change from 3.6.0 into the mix without
out actually committing it as a 3.5.2b6 flavor.

If someone wants to say what the svn cmds would be I'll consider as  
time permits doing a copy and validation.

Lastly I also understand you can update the branch/copy to tweak things  
a bit to reflect mistakes made in updates years ago. (such as correctly  
versioning 3.5.2b6)

On Apr 13, 2005, at 3:19 PM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> What do we do about making decently pickled platform trees for each  
> release? I
> won't even pretend to have had time to understand any details of svn  
> branches
> and so on.

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