sq.h? sqConfig.h? interp.h? config.h? - and what goes where???

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Apr 22 21:30:57 UTC 2005

Hi -

Just tried to build a VM from the latest sources (the first time I tried 
64bit) and promptly run into problems. The first ones: It seems that by 
now we not only have sq.h, sqConfig.h, and sqPlatformSpecific.h (sqGnu.h 
nonwithstanding) but also interp.h and config.h. Can someone please shed 
a light on what definitions need to go where? For example, if we have 
config.h shouldn't interp.h (which contains a single definition) be 
folded into that? Shouldn't sqConfig.h go away? Since config.h seems to 
be optional (at least so far Windows managed without it) why can't it be 
optional? This hole mix of strange header files has lost any sensibility 
to me.

   - Andreas

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