[Squeak-VMdev] GC improvements

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Apr 23 00:54:16 UTC 2005

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          Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:

> No problem. Just as long as we share a repository - it is only 
> problematic because things somehow "get to you" and then at some point 
> you point to a new version at your website and that process isn't very 
> transparent. If we'd use a shared repository (squeaksource?) we could 
> fold in changes as we see fit and then have a place where it's clear 
> what the latest version is.
That's a good idea, though squeaksource doesn't seem to be very reliable right
now and the guys have mentioned completely reworking it. Perhaps a semi-public
MC repo on hplab? 

> I talked to Ian - as far as he is concerned the changes are finished.
Hmm, I had the distinct impression he had things he wanted to do from various
emails. Not least was some mention of applying the equivalent fixes to make 2Gb
addresses not be a problem.

> There is still lots of stuff to be done but this falls into the 
> responsibility of either the VM or the plugin maintainer (like, for 
> example, making the LargeInt plugin work on 64bit).
And FloatArray.

Oh and since you used the new VMMakerTool UI layout, was it reasonably logical
for you? And nobody responded on the issue I raised a while ago about pushing
this out as the official 3.8 VM package, with the implied requirement to get
some of the stuff into the 3.8 image RSN.

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