New VMMaker/svn release

tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Dec 28 05:28:40 UTC 2005

Almost in time for Nigelmass (my brother's dirthday is on the 25th)  
I've just completed another step in the releasing of the 64bit clean  
VM code with the latest SVN level (1282 or thereabouts) and the SM  
package VMMaker3.8b5-64 'WillYouStillNeedMe'.

Read the comments attached to the SM package details. You must do  
certain things before it will work. Certain things will probably not  
work even then. So far it builds, compiles and runs in 32 bit form on  

You will need to decide upon a way to appropriately define  
'VMENDIANNESS' (0 for little, 1 for big) as part of the compile. You  
might need to pay some attention to the definition of the  
sqFilenameFromString macro.

When we can feel confident that it is ok for a beta release I can  
make an  SVN branch to tie to the package.

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