New VMMaker/svn release

tim Rowledge tim at
Thu Dec 29 02:44:48 UTC 2005

On 28-Dec-05, at 6:36 PM, David T. Lewis wrote:

> Worked fine on Intel Linux 32 bit. That's all I've tried so far.
Excellent, thanks for testing it Dave.
>> You will need to decide upon a way to appropriately define
>> 'VMENDIANNESS' (0 for little, 1 for big) as part of the compile. You
>> might need to pay some attention to the definition of the
>> sqFilenameFromString macro.
> The VMENDIANNESS macro should not be necessary, since endianness can
> be tested at runtime. Change sets attached.
Cute! It's fractionally slower at runtime in return for slightly  
simpler make/autoconf setup. Does anyone have a strong opinion either  

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