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Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Dec 29 02:53:14 UTC 2005

I say, let's kick the macro then and give that function a proper 
prototype. The way it is right now is really not all that useful.

   - Andreas

tim Rowledge wrote:
> On 28-Dec-05, at 6:19 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> problem I had was with the definition and use of the  
>> sqFilenamefromblabla macro - ioFilenamefromblabla (the only user of  
>> that macro) is defined as taking sqInt but the macro makes happy  use 
>> of [] which makes the compiler complain that the "subscripted  value 
>> is neither array nor pointer". This should either be cast  properly or 
>> declared to take pointer arguments.
> Yah, the macro is a bit crufty. We should probably junk it and just  
> agree to have a suitable function for all platforms. I think we  
> actually *do* in fact, so it would merely involve agreeing to hook it  
> up neatly everywhere. The original use for the macro was swapping  dots 
> with slashes for RISC OS but the requirements got a bit more  complex 
> and I had to implement a fairly complicated function to  canonicalise 
> filenames. It turns out I wasn't even using the macro  anymore, which is 
> just as well since I had defined it with the  arguments in the wrong 
> order...
> tim
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