New VMMaker/svn release

tim Rowledge tim at
Fri Dec 30 18:11:11 UTC 2005

On 30-Dec-05, at 9:59 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:
> Well, there was not much you could have done to help me short of
> offering a brain transplant.
Well, I know a guy who knows a guy...
> So, back to the matter at hand. I've tested the new VMM with no
> problems on:
> - 32 bit Intel, Linux, 32 bit VM
> - 32 bit Intel, Linux, 64 bit VM
> - 64 bit AMD Turion, 64 bit Linux, 64 bit VM
> - 64 bit AMD Turion, 64 bit Linux, 32 bit VM
> The tests were done with VMMaker-tpr.39, SVN 1282, and the patches
> that I attached to my earlier message.
Good news. I'll soon release some new code to break all that ;-)

> I did spot one issue that I had not previously noticed. With the
> combination of 64 bit machine and 32 bit VM, the memory access
> inline functions in sqMemoryAccess.h work fine, but the macros
> do not work. This is not related to my patch for sqMemoryAccess.h,
> since I tried building with the original version and running with
> no display, and still fail in a longAtput() macro.
I don't feel very surprised about that to be honest. With no 64 bit  
machine to test on and no very strong interest in messing with it it  
would be very plausible that I didn't write them adequately for a  
real 64bit machine. The possibility of the 'baseOffset' coming into  
play leaps to my currently addled brain for example.

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