[VM][OSPP] bug alert: OSProcess breaks with recent SVN source tree

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Jun 14 05:00:47 UTC 2005

> I agree strongly. I even have your old code for this sitting around. The issue
> is that a plugin expecting the vm to supply session id would have to run with a
> vm able to so do. It seems some people mix releases and might get upset by
> this. Personally I say to hell with them. Others might disagree.

Backwards compatibility is important but I think we can dodge this one 
easily. Because the worst thing that may happen is that you use a 
FilePlugin which does not use the VM's session ID but its own one (which 
may not be nice but is certainly not fatal). The other way around (a 
newer file plugin working with an old VM) is easily prevented by 
increasing the vm proxy's minor version which we need to do anyway if we 
extend the interface. In short, I don't see an issue with backwards 
compatibility - old versions will continue to function with new VMs and 
that new plugins may not function with old VMs is a fact of life.

   - Andreas

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