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>  > [Ned's VM sources organization and access proposal]
> 	That would be wonderful.
I pretty much agree. I can't be completely sure about the branching idea
becasue I can't honestly claim to understand branching SVN.
Keeping the latest VMMaker attached to the matching platforms code is
definitely something I'd like to see. A 'safe' zip/tarball/whatever of
the release platforms tree + VMMaker + copies of any/all doc would be
very nice to see clearly available. 

Compilable HEAD:-

We did pretty much agreee that the default checkout should be as sane
as we could manage; I think we all understand that mistakes can happen.
The nice thing about a repository like CVS or SVN is that anyone
competent can revert problematic changes.  For example, it looks like I
probably inadvertently commited the recent changes to sq.h as part of
updating some RISC OS code - blame unfamilarity with SVN. Anyone with
access could have reverted it and mailed me to discuss what to do to
fix it more elegantly.  

VM Team 'leader':-

If anyone wants to list me as such I don't mind. If someone would like
to pay me to do it fulltime I wouldn't either. If somebody else is daft
enough to want the title, feel free.

Swiki doc:-

I made a pass through everything I could find that mentioned vm,
vmmaker, etc a few weeks ago to at least expunge CVS/SF mentions and
replace with SVN/SqF. There is quite a lot that could do with hacking
out simply to clean out obsolete junk. It would be nce to end up with a
simple set of pages that

describe how to get sources
	subpages with any special notes for each platform - how to fiddle with
codeworrier or whatever
describe how to run VMMaker
describe how to build
	almost all redirected to platform specific pages
describe some tests to see if it seems like a good build
describe how to report problems and who to

I'd suggest that statically pickled copies should be in any 'safe

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