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Fri Mar 18 18:29:33 UTC 2005

Oops resent this to the list, yes reply ALL is not my default email   
preference for good reasons.

Key down events I thought we agreed upon as being Unicode values as the  
result  of pressing a key or combination of keys to generate the  
designed unicode value.
keychar was the historical MacRoman ascii value, mind on the mac it  
might become a unicode value if the mapping from unicode .

So on my mac entering 0xB4 gives me ¥     (16rB4 asCharacter)
I really want that yen symbol in my text and not have tweak launch a  
smalltalk email client, so how do we know the mean if the only thing  
coming up is 0xb4

On Mar 18, 2005, at 10:17 AM, Andreas Raab wrote:

>> Also didn't get an answer to:
>> "So how do we know that the unicode value 0xB4 coming up from the VM  
>> on  a keydown is a character or a VK_LAUNCH_MAIL key request?"
> I didn't understand the question. First off, who is "we" (e.g., how do  
> "we" know) in the above? If you mean the user, then the answer is that  
> either we agree on the codes generated by the VM (such as the X11 key  
> sym defs) or that we will translate to a common code in the image (we  
> could translate into symbols, too, such as #LaunchMailKey). If you  
> mean the image, then it will most likely (assuming no common keys) by  
> a table stored with (C)Platform default translating the thing  
> appropriately.
> "how do we know that a value on a keyDown is a character or a key" -  
> is this correct english? (or Canadian ;-) I'm not sure I understand  
> that. It is by *definition* that KeyDown events describe *keys* and  
> not characters. Therefore there can be no question about this: keyDown  
> events must *always* be interpreted as keys and *never* as characters.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
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