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Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Fri Mar 18 18:59:41 UTC 2005

> Key down events I thought we agreed upon as being Unicode values as the  
> result  of pressing a key or combination of keys to generate the  
> designed unicode value.

Nope. If you will re-read my post then I thought I made it clear that we 
have a distinction between keys and characters.

Once more from the beginning: When you press a *key* the key may or may 
not generate a *character*. If a character is indeed being generated 
then the character is passed to the image as EventKeyChar. For example, 
here is a sequence that will generate the "á" character on my keyboard:

keyDown: ´ (accent key)
keyUp: ´ (accent key)
keyDown: A
keyUp: A
keyStroke: á (accented-a)

Note that the accent *key* did NOT generate an accent *character* - it 
was subsumed by the subsequent combination with the A key to generate 
the accented á character.

Therefore, the interpretation of the values by Squeak should always be: 
Treat all keyDown events as *keys* and NOT as characters and treat all 
keyChar/keyStroke events as *characters* and NOT as keys.

Whether the *keys* need translation too depends on your platform - IIRC, 
then on Unix platforms there is an explicit call to translate the "raw" 
keyboard code into something a little more abstract.

However, you should *never* report a *character* in a keyDown event - 
this is really, really broken.

> So on my mac entering 0xB4 gives me ¥     (16rB4 asCharacter)
> I really want that yen symbol in my text and not have tweak launch a  
> smalltalk email client, so how do we know the mean if the only thing  
> coming up is 0xb4

We know the difference easily by observing that the Yen-*key* will have 
a different code from the launch-mail *key* and that the launch-mail 
*key* will in all likelyness not generate a *character*.

Therefore, if we have a translation table in the image that says "0xB4 
is the launch-mail *key* on the Mac" and, for example, "0xB7 is the Yen 
*key* on the Mac", then even though the VM will translate the 0xB7 *key* 
into the 0xB4 *character* there is no confusion whatsoever.

We can simply observe keyDown events to watch for the 0xB4 *key* to 
launch the email client and we can observe keyStroke events to watch for 
the 0xB4 *character* and insert the Yen sign.

   - Andreas

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