Scroll events

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Sat Mar 19 04:46:47 UTC 2005


> Proposal: We add a "utf32Code" field to the sqKeyboardEvent that VMs are 
> supposed to fill in if they support extended input services, zero if 
> not. Everyone agree on this?

  That would be ok.  ("Probably a comment should say something like
"precomposed Unicode characters in UTF-32".)  And defining the byte
order would be necessary.

  And a tangent topic... If somebody wants to write an action game,
she might want to design an interface that uses the shift-key to, say,
charge the energy while the key is down, and shoot the cannon ball
when the key is released.  Probably two-player game in which each
player uses the different shift key.  I wonder if a "terminal mode" or
something in which all the raw keycode (keyboard keycode) are reported
to the image without cooking.  That would allow us to experiment other
type of interaction such as chord key input.

-- Yoshiki

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