Proposal: utf32Code in sqKeyboardEvent

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Sat Mar 19 07:41:12 UTC 2005


Since I'm not sure all of you have followed the discussion about scroll 
events (which then went into keyboard events) here's my proposal again: 
I would like to add a utf32Code field to sqKeyboardEvent which serves 
the purpose to provide a UTF-32 value if the VM provides extended input 
services (the Mac VM already does; others will surely follow). The 
utf32Code field only needs to be filled in for EventKeyChar events 
(e.g., neither for EventKeyDown or EventKeyUp since those are used for 
reporting keys not characters).

John is already playing with this but I want to make sure there is 
general agreement on this issue. Ian, Tim? Any extra comments?

   - Andreas

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