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Sat Mar 19 23:19:08 UTC 2005

No problems, I don't have access to a Solaris system to test anyways.

However well you are there fiddling please look at


If you do not have MMX then you fall back to the C code.
Please look at the
# ifdef __POWERPC__

in rec(), recc(),

You will find it attempt to move data in long chunks, versus the  
incoming char* definitions.
This lead to a 30ish% speedup on powerpc.
I've never tested on other platform since under windows I assumed it  
would use the MMX code (assuming the person compliing the plugin got  
that MMX stuff to work).
But intel linux, and Solaris will be different?
So you might want to fiddle with the #ifdef and see what happens.

On Mar 19, 2005, at 12:28 PM, Ian Piumarta wrote:

> The Mpeg3Plugin will not compile using vendor tools on Solaris.  (One  
> function is inlined out of existence, then referenced without  
> declaration from within another file, causing the link to fail.)
> Unless someone objects within the next 30 minutes, I am committing a  
> change to
>     platforms/Cross/plugins/Mpeg3Plugin/libmpeg/video/motion.c
> as follows:
>     -INLINE void mpeg3video_calc_dmv(mpeg3video_t *video,
>     +#if !defined(sun)
>     +INLINE
>     +#endif
>     +void mpeg3video_calc_dmv(mpeg3video_t *video,
> Time is now Sat Mar 19 12:28:26 PST 2005.  You have until 12:58:26 to  
> complain.
> Ian
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