3.7-7 "final" VM for Unix

Bruce ONeel edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Mar 25 14:36:07 UTC 2005


Thanks, I've just updated box1.squeakfoundation.org with
all of these new VMs and built new packages.



Ian Piumarta <ian.piumarta at inria.fr> wrote:
> Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 16:45:46 -0800
> From: Ian Piumarta <ian.piumarta at inria.fr>
> Subject: 3.7-7 "final" VM for Unix
> To: The general-purpose Squeak developers list <squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org>
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> Unix Hackers,
> I am pleased (and relieved) to announce the "final" 3.7-7 VM for Unix.
> This VM is very close to 3.7b-5 (which has been working well for many
> people for some time) with the addition of several critical fixes.
> Archives are in the usual place (http://squeak.hpl.hp.com/unix) for
> sources and a few pre-compiled binaries:
>    Darwin 7.8   PowerPC
>    Mac OS X     PowerPC
>    FreeBSD 4.10 i386
>    NetBSD 1.6.1 i386
>    OpenBSD 3.4  i386
>    Solaris 2.9  i386
>    Solaris 2.9  Sparc
>    GNU/Linux    PowerPC
>    GNU/Linux    i686
> (.rpms and .debs will follow shortly.  Due to limited physical access
> to machines I have only been able to test this release on Darwin-PPC,
> MacOSX-PPC, and GNU/Linux-i686.)
> If you prefer to fetch the sources from our Subversion repository:
>    svn export http://squeak.hpl.hp.com/svn/squeak/tags/unix-3.7-7
> (The repository source now includes everything needed to build the
> Unix VM.  No more guessing which magical combination of image-side
> stuff is needed to generate a working Interpreter and plugins.  FWIW,
> the generated sources used in this release are those found in the
> released "final" 3.7-5898-full image [following my usual rule] plus
> [exceptionally] Ned's "2GB oop" patches, which are included in the
> 'unix/misc' directory of both the source archive and repository.)
> Enjoy!
> Ian
> PS:  A small reminder.  Please send VM-related problems/bugs/fixes to
>       the VM-Dev list (see discuss.squeakfoundation.org).  VM-related
>       posts to the general-purpose squeak-dev list are not guaranteed
>       to be seen, let alone acted upon, by the relevant people.
>       If you're sending me Unix-specific VM fixes, please send *entire*
>       modified files (not 'diffs', of any flavour) since I read and
>       manually apply all patches, one line at a time, using ediff in
>       Emacs.  Fixes should usually be sent to me directly (ian [point]
>       piumarta [chez] squeakland [point] org) and not copied to any
>       mailing list, *please*.  (Partly traffic, but mostly to keep my
>       remaining 'uncompromised' email addresses out of
>       publicly-archived lists.)  Thanks!
> PPS: Here are the release notes (relative to the 3.6 stable release)
>       for anyone interested...
> VM:
>    Netscape plugin understands "imageName" and "failureURL" attributes
>    in <embed ...> tags.
>    Less noise from dlopen() and friends when probing for plugins.
>    Problems preventing more than one external plugin from loading in
>    Mac OS X fixed.
>    Obscure bug fixed that prevented socket options being set on some
>    platforms.
>    NPSqueak improvements and bug fixes from Bert Freudenberg and Jens
>    Lincke.  New environment variable SQUEAK_USERDIR used to find plugin
>    image; defaults to 'My Squeak'.  (NPS may not work for users of
>    shells other than bash.  Contact Bert if you have problems.)
>    Interpreter changes from Ned Konz that avoid image segment loading
>    errors caused by oops >= 2GB.
> VM drivers:
>    Drag-and-drop support added to the X11 display driver.
>    vm-sound-NAS driver explicitly depends on libaudio.
>    New option '-glxdebug <n>' sets OpenGL debug message level for X11 
> display.
> Plugins:
>    Additional checks for external data in SocketPlugin.
>    New OSProcessPlugin (including XDpyPlg and AioPlg).
> Build:
>    Optimisation flags default to '-O' if compiler not recognised.
>    sqGnu.h asm() statements fixed for gcc-3.1 compatibility.
>    Use of alloca() made more portable.
>    SVN repository now includes contents of 'src' directory used to
>    build Unix binaries.  No more endless searching for the right
>    combination of obscure VMM version and image updates.
>    Build instructions updated for SVN and recent organisational
>    changes.
>    'gnuify' inserts a #error into gnu-interp.c if it detects a problem
>    (causing cpp to barf cleanly with a comprehensible error message,
>    rather than leaving the compiler to spew hundreds of obscure error
>    messages).
> Documentation:
>    URIs updated to reflect recent organisational changes.

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