changes to platforms/Cross

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at
Thu Mar 31 21:11:41 UTC 2005


I'm just about to release the 'mainstream' 64-bit VM support.  Part of
this requires changes to the plugin-related files in platforms/Cross.  I
have tried to ensure that the changes remain backward compatible with
pre-64-bit source code, but a few things might need tweaking (minimally)
in platform-specific files to make old generated sources compile with the
new headers.  (I can compile a 3.7 Unix VM using my 64-bit support code,
with all plugins built correctly, but I cannot guarantee anything about
the other platforms which may or may not require intervention from their
maintainers to ensure they build old-world generated code correctly after
the new-world 64-bit changes are committed.)

Unless someone complains before 15:00 PST, I will commit the 64-bit
changes to the trunk.

I consider the danger of committing these changes to be minimal.  The
danger of not committing these changes today (including leaving them to
linger in the branch they currently occupy) is that they start rotting
once more -- and it's not clear when I'll next have another week to waste
on fixing them again.


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