Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun May 29 02:37:57 UTC 2005

Sounds good to me.

   - Andreas

Tim Rowledge wrote:
> OK, my proposal is to:
> a) add a method #obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordOfObject, implemented as needed to
> return the 32bit word etc.
> b) change sqVirtualMachine.[ch] to _replace_
> 	VM->fetchWordofObject = fetchWordofObject; with
> 	VM->obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordOfObject =
> obsoleteDontUseThisFetchWordOfObject;
> c) add VM->fetchLong32OfObject
> Thus old plugins will be expecting the fetchWord stuff at that offset into the
> vmproxy struct and will find something suitable. New code will probably not use
> this 'new' method since everyone is too (hopefully) lazy to type that lot in.
> An attempt to freshly compile 'old' code will fail with an error 'symbol not
> found' or similar.
> I'm not actually too keen on modifying an old part of sqVirtualMachine but if
> we want to rescind a function we don't have much choice.
> Does this suit people?
> tim
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