Archiving information from a plugin

Alan Sibley alansibley at
Tue Nov 8 18:05:19 UTC 2005

I hope this is the best mailing list for this question...

I am writing a squeak plugin and have two questions.
My plugin has internal objects that are modified by various primitives.
I would like to archive this information from one run to the next.

A) are squeak ids passed into my plugin ("oops")... are they
   only good for the single execution of the primitive (can
   I save these off in the plugin... and expect to see them
   around later?... does garbage collection move these guys?).

B) is there a prescribed way to archive information from a plugin
   at "save image" time and later restore it at "load image" time?
   My plugin can create an ascii string to store off state. I could
   have a primitive save and restore the state... but how do I have these
   primitives called. Is there an existing hook for something like this.

Thanks in advance,

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