newbie: plugin loaded?

Brad Fuller brad at
Fri Nov 11 21:46:29 UTC 2005

tim Rowledge wrote:

> On 11-Nov-05, at 12:41 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:
>> What is a way to determine if an external plugin has been loaded?  
>> Couldn't find this on the swiki.
> Smalltalk listLoadedModules will tell you all the modules actually  
> loaded *and in use* whether they are external or internal.

Thanks, Tim and Burt!

My primitive merely calls a cross platform file that plays a sine wave, 
entirely in C, for 5 seconds and then returns. I think the problem is 
that it can't find an external library. I receive this:

$ ioLoadModule(/usr/local/lib/squeak/3.7-7/SoundPAPlugin):
  /usr/local/lib/squeak/3.7-7/SoundPAPlugin: undefined symbol: 

Pa_GetDeviceInfo  is in a library accessible to all 
(usr/local/lib/ All of this works fine externally: i.e. 
the sine wave plays from the command line (of course, when I make the 
file with a main()).

I call Pa_GetDeviceInfo from a Cross platform file: patest_sine.c file.

I can see that both of my files compiled fine and landed in the 'src' 

I assume these are linked and placed in:

I further assume, that since the error reported is about 
Pa_GetDeviceInfo, the plugin is being called, but it can't find the 
library where Pa_GetDeviceInfo resides: usr/local/lib/

Do I need to do something different with external libraries -- even 
though the system knows all about them?


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