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Brad Fuller brad at
Sat Nov 19 01:39:03 UTC 2005

Brad Fuller wrote:

> tim Rowledge wrote:
>> On 18-Nov-05, at 2:08 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:
>>> I'm going thru the unix configuration doc and files to learn how it  
>>> is configured for unix development.
>>> However, what if you have only Cross platform plugin files? They  
>>> would go into the Cross subdirs.
>> Correct. Take a look at plugins like RePlugin and SurfacePlugin. The  
>> arrangement is explained in the swiki - 
>> squeak/2105 - and do please let me know of anything that isn't clear  
>> so I can try to improve it.
>>> What have others done to create and build plugins that are cross  
>>> platform?
>> Since pretty much all the plugins are cross platform I'm a touch  
>> puzzled by your question.
> Sorry.. wasn't clear. I should have said:
> How does one generate .c files from slang using VMMakerTool into the 
> Cross directory?
> What's the thinking behind this:
>    platnames _ vmMaker platformRootDirectory directoryNames 
> copyWithoutAll: #('Cross' 'CVS').
> in the platformsListMenu method in VMMakerTool? Seems that Cross would 
> be an important directory to generate .c files in.
Another thing about VMMakerTool:
How can you work on one plugin (as an example) and create c code for 
that one plugin without deleting all of the other plugin dirs?
I'm using the VMM38b branch and there are many plugin directories. But, 
if you drag over just one plugin and generate in VMMakerTool, it blows 
away all the others.

 From the help:

"The 'Generate External Plugins' button will regenerate all the plugins 
in the External Plugins list. Note that 'excess' directories will be 
deleted each time you generate the vm in order to reduce potential 
confusion if you move a plugin from internal to external etc"
I can understand the reasoning when someone is building a complete 
system and you want to generate all the plugins and destroy all of the 
ones you don't want. But, it seems a bit drastic if you want to 
concentrate on one plugin.

Maybe there should be a button for  "Generate Extrnl for Dev" that won't 
delete all the dirs? Doesn't make sense, I guess, for internal plugins. 
And maybe the other buttons should be labeled with an extra word "Deploy"

just some suggestions as I go thru this...

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