Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Tue Apr 4 01:35:54 UTC 2006


> Well the VM is given a info.plist entry or cmd line that defines what  
> encoding to use. This information needs to be gotten from
> the VM in order to set the proper filenameConverter. My understanding  
> was that the default for the mac carbon vm was
> MacRoman, but the fileNameConverter used in 3.8? is latin-1. If I  
> choose latin-1 there are characters in the utf-8 character set  
> allowed in
> os-x that can't be translated to latin-1 so latin-1 technically is  
> not a viable choice. I understand UTF-8 is viable, but somehow the  
> image should configure that from the Vm without manual intervention.

  Note that the fileNameConverter to use is decided when the image is
started.  It can check the platform, vm version, etc., etc. to decide
which one to use.  An example is shown JapaneseEnvironment
class>>systemConverterClass.  In the other words, the image stuff can
be configured.

-- Yoshiki

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