thoughts on drag and drop events

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Apr 10 22:34:05 UTC 2006

The clipboard support is easier given we're doing it in FFI for now.  
We can iterate over the types and make decision in Smalltalk code
The drag and drop is more difficult because it's handled mostly by  
the VM. Although we could pass up the drag info and invoke FFI
let me think on that a bit, especially if we want some backward  

On 10-Apr-06, at 1:44 PM, Michael Rueger wrote:

> John M McIntosh wrote:
>> Or alter sqDragDropFilesEvent and have a different drag type and  
>> pass  up an object containing the bits in question
>> Thoughts on the choices are welcome
> We need to extend the mechanism IMO.
> Similar problem with clipboards, where you also need to able to  
> iterate and access *all* the available formats the OS offers?
> Michael

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