Wondering about VM sizes

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed Apr 12 04:57:22 UTC 2006

I'm not sure which VM you are looking at?

5,786,040  is the size of 3.8.12b2u VM

There is 488K for pretty icons.

The VM is 2,368,008 bytes

[otter:Squeak 3.8.12beta2U.app/Contents/MacOS] johnmci% lipo - 
detailed_info Squeak\ VM\ Opt
Fat header in: Squeak VM Opt
fat_magic 0xcafebabe
nfat_arch 2
architecture i386
     cputype CPU_TYPE_I386
     cpusubtype CPU_SUBTYPE_I386_ALL
     offset 4096
     size 1190512
     align 2^12 (4096)
architecture ppc
     cputype CPU_TYPE_POWERPC
     offset 1196032
     size 1171976
     align 2^12 (4096)

Croquet plugin is 108k
floatmath is 140k
mpe3plugin is 564k
printjob plugin is 164k
FFI prims is 136k

Likely you don't have any of the following plugins

FT2plugin  (for Type Type support) is 1.3MB since it includes the  
FreeType2 library statically linked
localeplugin is 100k
quicktime plugin is 100k
services plugin is 100k
spelling plugin is 168k
TestOSAplugin (applescript) is 108k

On 11-Apr-06, at 9:22 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Hi Guys -
> Looking at download sizes for Croquet today I was somewhat  
> astonished by the size differences in the various VMs. Looking at  
> the VMs in Croquet I find that the sizes for the platforms are:
> 	Win32: 1,090,259 bytes
> 	Unix:  4,174,760 bytes
> 	Mac:   7,332,608 bytes
> I haven't looked at the details but I'm surprised to see such  
> differences. Do you have any ideas why the Unix and Mac VM are  
> *that* much larger than the Win32 VM? I can understand some of it  
> given that the Mac VM is a "universal" binary (probably including  
> PPC as well as Intel binaries) but that still leaves a factor of  
> 3-4 which simply amazes me.
> Any explanations? Are there plugins built with either the Unix or  
> Mac VM which take that space and that I'm simply not building for  
> Windows? Any other causes?
> Curious,
>   - Andreas

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