[Vm-dev] Passing parameters to a Squeaklet in Firefox on Solaris 10 - Solved Thanks!

Graham McLeod mcleod at iafrica.com
Tue Aug 29 21:02:01 UTC 2006

Following earlier message below:
Thanks anyway, our own efforts have yielded fruit and we solved he 
problem today, so our application is up on Firefox/Solaris.

Hi all, and especially Bert Freudenberg and Andreas Wacknitz(Thanks for
prior help)
We have managed with help of Bert and others in the community to get as
far as luanching our application as a Squeaklet in Firefox on Solaris
10. Thanks so far.

We are now having difficulty passing parameters from the web page to the
We have put them in the EMBED tag in the form:
parameterName=ParameterValue or
parameterName="ParameterValue" where the value contains anything like
special characters or spaces.

Our application retrieves parameters fine when they are listed in the
OBJECT tag and the squeaklet is launched in IE on Windows. These are
read from the Smalltalk dictionary.

I would be very greatful is anyone has a code example of:
a. A Firefox web page calling a Squeaklet with parameters
b. The Smalltalk code inside the applet which retrieves these
That is known to work on Firefox 1.5 and Solaris 10.
Many Thanks in Advance.

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