newbie trouble building Squeak VM on Mac

Ian Piumarta piumarta at
Mon Jul 3 20:05:02 UTC 2006

Hi Michael,

> /Users/haupt/squeakvm/squeak-svn/platforms/unix/plugins/ 
> B3DAcceleratorPlugin/sqUnixOpenGL.h:26:7:
> error: #error *** cannot find gl.h
> Huh. Apparently the configure script thought there was OpenGL on the
> machine, didn't it? Anyway, where / how can I obtain that file

If you're building vm-display-X11 then gl.h is /usr/X11R6/include/GL/ 
gl.h.  It comes with the X11 SDK.

For vm-display-Quartz the file is part of the OpenGL framework: /Sys/ 
Lib/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Headers/gl.h.  It comes with Mac OS X.

The usual reason for confusion about gl.h availability is that the  
build cannot find the xmkmf program.  If you do have the X11 SDK  
installed then make absolutely sure /usr/X11R6/bin is in your PATH  
before you try to build the VM.


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