[Vm-dev] 3.9-7 for Solaris SPARC (problems)

Andreas Wacknitz A.Wacknitz at gmx.de
Tue Jul 25 14:26:21 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I have successfully compiled SqueakVM-3.9-7 for Solaris 10 (SPARC).
But there were some problems I want to write about.

First, some background:
        - For the compilation I have been using Sun's OpenSPARC Cool Tools
          (http://cooltools.sunsource.net/gcc/index.html). That is a gcc-4.0.2
          frontend and SunStudio's backend. This combination creates 2 to 3 times
          faster code than a regular gcc (my own micro benchmarks).
        - I run configure --prefix=/opt/squeak as the default /usr/local is inappropriate
          for System V.
        - Furthermore I used CGLAGS="-O2 -fast" ("-O3 -fast -xipo" had problems).
        - It was necessary to use gmake instead of make due to some incompabilities.
I had to correct the source code at four places:
        1.  .../platforms/unix/vm/aio.c:
                System V doesn't know of O_ASYNC. Thus, I had to remove this flag in
                aioEnable(int fd, void* data, int flags).
                I don't know whether there is an equivalent for System V.
                Furthermore, I don't know whether this will be a problem in the resulting
        2. .../platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMain.c:
                PATH_MAX needs an #include <limits.h>
        3. .../platforms/unix/vm-sound-Sun/sqUnixSoundSun.c:
                static int soundAvailableSpace(void) needs a forward declaration because
                of the "static" modifier.
        4. .../platforms/unix/src/plugins/UnixProcessPlugin/UnixProcessPlugin.c:
                feof() needs an additional cast. Thus,
                if ((feof(sqFile->file)) == 0){
                if ((feof((FILE *)(sqFile->file))) == 0){
The resulting installation runs fine with two remaining problems:

        1. Running squeak I get many "iconv_open: Invalid argument" messages on the console.
        2. Some UNIT tests fail: running "Tests-VM : FloatMathPluginTests" gives
                "27 run, 18 passes, 0 expected failures, 2 Failures, 7 errors, 0 unexpected passes"
                failures: #testFraction
                errors:   #testArcCos
                All the errors are due to "primitiveFailed".

        I did these tests in an 3.9-7048 image.
        Interestingly, running the same tests in the same image on Windows (VM-3.7.1) results in
                "27 run, 7 passes, 0 expected failures, 0 failures, 20 errors, 0 unexpected passes".

        So, is FloatMathPlugin broken on all VMs and how to get rid of
        the annoying warning messages on the console?


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