Squeak Browser plugin source and arch

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Fri Jun 2 14:57:09 UTC 2006

Am 02.06.2006 um 02:07 schrieb Brad Fuller:

> Sorry for double posting, I figure that not all squeakland people  
> visit squeak-dev and vice versa.

Cross-posting to vm-dev would make a lot more sense than squeakland.

> I've been looking at the npsqueak source at: http://squeakvm.org/  
> and have a couple of questions.
> First, I know nothing about how to make a browser plugin, but I'd  
> like to learn.

So you actually just want to write your own plugin, which has nothing  
to do with Squeak?

> Second, I noticed that npsqueak exists only for unix and only for  
> the Netscape browser. I didn't see the code under any other  
> platform, or browser plugin for other browsers. Why is that? How  
> can squeak  execute on other platforms and other browsers (Opera  
> excluded as I heard that it uses the same plugin architecture as  
> Mozilla) with out a plugin?

Can't say for other platforms, I only wrote the unix plugin. All  
browsers on unix adhere to the Netscape plugin specification. So one  
plugin should wok for all, and indeed it does (modulo bugs in either  
the browser or the plugin).

> I guess that's a good place to start my questions. If there is  
> documentation that you can point me to, I'd appreciate it. I see  
> that Bert placed a comment in npunix.c:
>  * At the official Netscape site there's only the PluginSDK30b5 for  
> unix:
>  *
>  * !!! I had to add the missing URLNotify stuff here. If you find  
> an official
>  * !!! version of this file which has it, use it instead.
>  * !!!        April 2000, Bert Freudenberg
> which seems to strongly imply that there is little documentation.  
> So, any help is much obliged.

Well, Netscape simply stopped developer support a long time ago. I  
haven't checked if that has gotten better, though. There is  
documentation available at


and you might get answers in their forums.

- Bert -

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