Squeak Browser plugin source and arch

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Jun 2 15:51:46 UTC 2006

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Am 02.06.2006 um 02:07 schrieb Brad Fuller:
>> Sorry for double posting, I figure that not all squeakland people
>> visit squeak-dev and vice versa.
> Cross-posting to vm-dev would make a lot more sense than squeakland.
I had a plugin question answered there so it seemed logical, especially
since the plugin comes from the Squeakland download

I get your point though, makes a lot of sense.

>> First, I know nothing about how to make a browser plugin, but I'd
>> like to learn. I've been looking at the npsqueak source at:
>> http://squeakvm.org/ and have a couple of questions. 
> So you actually just want to write your own plugin, which has nothing
> to do with Squeak?

I want to learn more about the browser plugins for Squeak. I'd like to
see if streaming is possible. I don't know why squeak would be any
different than other plugins for streaming. I noticed that you return -1
for streaming in npsqueak (I assume NPP_WriteReady() is for streaming).
Any technical reason?

>> Second, I noticed that npsqueak exists only for unix and only for the
>> Netscape browser. I didn't see the code under any other platform, or
>> browser plugin for other browsers. Why is that? How can squeak 
>> execute on other platforms and other browsers (Opera excluded as I
>> heard that it uses the same plugin architecture as Mozilla) with out
>> a plugin?
> Can't say for other platforms, I only wrote the unix plugin. All
> browsers on unix adhere to the Netscape plugin specification. So one
> plugin should wok for all, and indeed it does (modulo bugs in either
> the browser or the plugin).
I'm wondering if the other plugins are proprietary... perhaps people at
Squeakland.com (viewpoints) wrote the plugin? I replied to your msg
there asking this question (don't want these threads to become
complicated ;-) so I just asked that particular question and kept the
technical questions here as you suggest.)

>> I guess that's a good place to start my questions. If there is
>> documentation that you can point me to, I'd appreciate it. I see that
>> Bert placed a comment in npunix.c:
>>  * At the official Netscape site there's only the PluginSDK30b5 for
>> unix:
>>  *
>>  * !!! I had to add the missing URLNotify stuff here. If you find an
>> official
>>  * !!! version of this file which has it, use it instead.
>>  * !!!        April 2000, Bert Freudenberg
>> which seems to strongly imply that there is little documentation. So,
>> any help is much obliged.
> Well, Netscape simply stopped developer support a long time ago. I
> haven't checked if that has gotten better, though. There is
> documentation available at
>     http://www.mozilla.org/projects/plugins/
> and you might get answers in their forums.
Thanks I found that last night. Found some docs, and some doesn't exist
as you mentioned.
I'm sure I'll have more questions as I look thru the docs and your code.

Thanks for the reply!


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