InterpreterProxy>>signed64BitIntegerFor: badly broken

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Jun 8 01:58:00 UTC 2006

Hi Guys -

I don't know if you ever used the above method but it's horribly, 
horribly broken. I wrote a little test primitive (see below) that simply 
used signed64BitIntegerFor(signed64BitValueOf(oop)) and then a loop like 

	0 to: 63 do:[:i|
		n := 1 bitShift: i.
		(self test64BitInt: n) = n ifFalse:[self halt: i].

Starting from i = 31 Every. Last. Result. Is Wrong. Can you imagine?

It gets even better, since it's broken in different ways: For i=31 the 
result is negated, for everything beyound 31 the resulting large integer 
is non-normalized (and therefore not comparing correctly).

Any ideas?

   - Andreas

PS. The primitive:

	| oop |
	self export: true.
	interpreterProxy methodArgumentCount = 1
		ifFalse:[^interpreterProxy primitiveFail].
	oop := interpreterProxy stackValue: 0.
	oop := interpreterProxy signed64BitIntegerFor: (interpreterProxy 
signed64BitValueOf: oop).
	interpreterProxy failed ifFalse:[
		interpreterProxy pop: 2 thenPush: oop.

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