Squeak port to Amiga progress 6-10

Tim Johnson trilobyte at hoe.nu
Sun Jun 11 03:48:24 UTC 2006

On Jun 10, 2006, at 6:44 PM, Tim Johnson wrote:

> A sticking point right now is noticeable on the current screenshot.  
> After the image has loaded with its initial project setup, any 
> newly-opened windows (browser, transcript, or zooming any of the Play 
> With Me's) causes two window gadgets to appear, but no actual window.  
> Nicely, PopUpMenus work great.  I am at a loss.

Whoops!  Fixed this... changed a few #defines in sqConfig.h and deleted 
old object files... *blush*

> Also I have not yet dug deeply into the file code.  I have a feeling 
> my directory delineators will not work, as the Amiga uses a 
> combination of :'s and /'s;  i.e. "DH0:Development/Squeak/SqueakVM".  
> Why this would keep a browser from opening, I am not sure.

Thanks to a tip from Mr. Rowledge, I'll be able to whip up some file 
directory support...


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