InterpreterSimulator and friends

Michael van der Gulik squeakml at
Sat Jun 24 03:49:34 UTC 2006

Hi all.

Where is the latest stable version of VMMaker? Is it VMMaker-3.8b6.mcz 
from SqueakMap, or VMMaker-tpr-5.mcz (which seems old) from Or somewhere else?

I see that has an SVN server, but where do you keep your 
Monticello files?

I've got a bug, probably in my code but maybe in the VM, involving 
becomeForward:copyHash:. The primitive is failing for no apparant 
reason. I plan to try running this code in the InterpreterSimulator to 
find exactly why primitive 239 is failing.

Currently I've tried both VMMaker-tpr.58.mcz and VMMaker-3.8b6.mcz, but 
the InterpreterSimulator doesn't want to work. I get a DNU, which I 
fixed, but then I get another DNU, which I fixed, but then I got 
another, so I threw the whole thing away in disgust. I have a bog 
standard 32-bit AMD-based PC running Ubuntu.


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