New VM behaves odd?

goran at goran at
Wed May 3 07:00:12 UTC 2006

Hi fellas!

I use IRCe under Linux in a 3.8 image and have noticed that with the new
VM the UI "blocks" when doing operations like connecting or typing a
line of text in the IRC channel etc.

For example, I type in a line and press enter - it "hangs" for a second
obviously trying to send the line or something, and when it succeeds I
get the UI back. I can't say it behaved like this before.

Same weird thing happens when I move the IRCe window I think, but I am
guessing that is also related to communication - perhaps IRCe tries to
poll for more data or something, I dunno.

So my question is: Have anyone else noticed Squeak behaving differently
with the UI having "blocks" like this with the newest VM? And of course
- happen to know why? ;)

I haven't had time to figure out a test case yet, just wanted to check
my sanity first.

regards, Göran

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