Trying to build VM using VMMaker on Intel Mac

tim Rowledge tim at
Wed May 3 14:31:27 UTC 2006

On 3-May-06, at 7:20 AM, Todd Blanchard wrote:

> Yes, I have it working with Ian's distro - and I've changed the  
> VMMaker's output to look like that as well - but for some reason  
> the VMMaker generated version crashes, but the one I got from Ian  
> doesn't.

Which version of VMMaker and which SVN level are you using? Which  
ditto are in the package you got from Ian?

You should fin a line like -
/* Automatically generated from Squeak on #(12 April 2006 1:39:20 pm)
by VMMaker 3.8b6
in interp.c to help in finding this out. Your svn client should tell  
you the level it has downloaded.

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