sigsev in 64/32 bit VM

tim Rowledge tim at
Mon May 29 21:43:25 UTC 2006

On 29-May-06, at 12:51 PM, Martin Kuball wrote:
>>>> I examined the arguments to longAtput and they seem OK. But
>>>> there is no Memory mapped at sqMemoryBase. How could that
>>>> happen?
>>>> Martin
>>> Forgot to give you some more details. I'm running a amd64 system
>>> with linux 2.6.14. Compiler ist gcc 4.0.3.

If there is no memory mapped at a fundamental address like  
sqMemoryBase that implies to me that some very serious has failed,  
and I think it must surely have failed right at the beginning of  
starting Squeak. You didn't mention anything about whether the system  
started up or not, what you were doing, or anything that might help us.

sqMemoryBase is typically set right at the beginning of the VM  
startup, by allocating the memory for the image so if for some  
strange reason that fails you could be in trouble. It's hard to  
imagine how the allocate could fail and not be detected though.

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