[Vm-dev] 64 bit Squeak VMMaker success report

Jan Barger barger at barnet.sk
Tue Nov 14 10:58:53 UTC 2006

Hi, I dont want to supply squeakvm.org , but if anyone is seeking for 64bit
squeak it is better to make some place which is for this temporary time
alive and updated with any, for instance onofficial software if official is
not in sync. Now this your work can be available for people who seek thru
vm-dev and maybe more new people will start to work on 64bit vm.


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On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 07:34:28AM +0100, barger wrote:
> It seems that this is the big improvemnet for future development of 64 VM
> and images. At least people like i ( who is not dev. masters on C and
> ) can try to use 64 bit squeak on their machines.
> Please ask Ian to put it on squeakvm or at least update it once more on my
> ftp.barnet.sk l: squeak p: squeak. 


I put sq64-10-dtl.tgz on your ftp site. This contains an image with
VMMaker, OSPP, and a few unofficial fixes. You can use it with current
platform sources from Subversion.

I don't think that anyone keeps images on squeakvm, aside from the
original one that was provided a couple of years ago. You should consider
that as a reference implementation that shows what can be done, not as
a supported product. But the good news is that Ian and Dan did all of
the hard work, and if a few of us pitch in to update the plugins and
do some other maintenance work on it, then 64-bit Squeak will work
just fine.


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