VMMaker organzation (was: Re: [Vm-dev] Fwd: Include CryptographicPrimitives In VM's - DESPlugin)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Oct 16 23:29:56 UTC 2006

Ron Teitelbaum wrote:
> By the way what are the chances that those people that are currently
> maintaining platform VMs will actually be building new VM's?  Is there a
> schedule or process, or just random recompilation?  (I'm not asking that a
> new vm be created since we have more plug-ins to contribute yet, I was just
> wondering)

It's pretty random depending on whether time allows playing around with 
stuff or not. Like, for me, I'm currently facing this stupid cc1 crash 
when I try to compile a VM and downgrading to a previous version to 
figure out what exactly went wrong where has proven to be an 
extraordinary pain in the rear end.

If you want to update your plugin(s) on your own, you should get a build 
environment set up and build them externally (so people can use them as 
drop-in replacement).

   - Andreas

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