[Vm-dev] VM segmentation fault onNetNameResolverclass>nameForAddress:timeout:

barger barger at barnet.sk
Mon Oct 30 21:04:21 UTC 2006

Image finaly compiled, but another problems with 64bit image ...

Found somewhere on web Ian message not to add in config param "src=XXbit"
... as mentioned on 2004-10-28 his page.

Can somebody else update http://www.squeakvm.org/squeak64/ ? 

I see the big boy is here Piumatra and he is no able to correct official web
documentation for compiling for years ... maybe he is so good and always
bussy to give us new and better releases, but ...

Now i get message : 

This interpreter (vers. 6502) cannot read image file (vers. 0).

Is anybody else running 64bit image, and be so kind to give link to download
it ? 

I was trying with SystemTracer64 writeImage: from last actual 3.9 RC3 but
still always fail on this version message.

Jan Barger

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