[Vm-dev] RE: 64 bit Squeak

barger barger at barnet.sk
Tue Oct 31 15:17:39 UTC 2006

Thanks for your quick answer...

>I think that you are trying to run a 64 bit image with a 32 bit VM.

I have both of this 64bit MIX. First i compiled on my AMD64 hw version with
src=32bit and this VM can run images from /dev3 old link and also my current
image, but i got the seg. fault on NetNameResolver because i thing there was
no 64bit support for SocketPlugin.

So i decided to compile as suggested full 64 VM ( with no src=xxbit option
aj Ian mentioned on some web page in config script ) with the latest sources
from svn from squeakvm. This produced incompatible version of image error
and i am now no able to prepare new 64 bit image from 32, maybe it will take
much more to study and investigate/

I run debian 64 bit OS on AMD64 and i can do quick switch to Intel CPU too
because i sell hardware.

>The 64 bit image requires a separate VM executable, which you need
>to build by generating sources with the "64 bit VM?" check box selected
>in VMMaker. This VM is required in order to run an image with 64 bit
>Smalltalk word size.

For do this i will need to solve all the chicken-egg problem. I first need
to run on my 64bit Linux some system with at least net support ( 32 bit
version fail on NetNameResolver and 64 bit on incopatible image )

>I run a 64 bit image occasionally, but only for the fun of seeing
>it work. I also use it for updating various plugins that I maintain,
>so they are 64 bit clean (OSPP, etc). Otherwise, I don't know of
>anyone running 64 bit images right now.

At least one person which is able to help somehow, thanks.

>One other important thing that you need to know is that the original
>64 bit image on the "dist3" site does not work with a current VM.

I know because this was my first try. 

>I have attached a change set to show the method that has changed,
>but it's a bit of a trick to actually do the update (I made a
>custom hacked VM that tolerated either version of the image, and
>used that to update the image to match the current VM).

I will try to look at it too, but i think pure 64bit and proved-working
image will be more helpfull at this time.

>I think someone announced a web site for distributing useful images.
>I guess I can upload a patched 64 bit image there if noone else is
>has a better plan.

I dont want to judge someone else plan to serve images, but i know that the
best solution is always to do as much as i can by myself. So i can offer
10Mbit line with ftp and http access if you will be so kind and upload it
there - to my machine. I can run it for years and i also run seaside web so
maybe it can be interesting in future. Now there is only hardware e-shop at
www.barnet.sk ,but i can build it all tomorow. Please let me know if you can
upload your 64 bit image if i will do some web support for 64 bit squeak in

>My understanding is that the system tracer only works on big-ender
>machines (i.e. pre-Intel Macs).

Maybe the problem is also in this big-endian, i dont look so deeply to image
and vm sources. This was just my first try and one day testing.

>There is now a "Squeak 64 bit" category on Mantis for tracking
>64 bit Squeak issues. Currently there are three items that you
>should read:

I will check this too, thanks :


Jan Barger

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