FW: [Vm-dev] RE: 64 bit Squeak

barger barger at barnet.sk
Tue Oct 31 16:15:39 UTC 2006

I already set up an ftp server with additional http access :


login:  squeak
passwd: squeak

Tomorow i will try to make some improvements, if you have any idea what
should be done, let me know.

>You can generate the 64 bit sources for this with any existing 32 bit
>image and VM. If you run configure/make on a 32 bit machine, you get
>a VM for 64 bit images that runs on 32 bit hardware. If you run
>configure/make on a 64 bit machine, you get a VM for 64 bit imagse that
>runs on a 64 bit host.

I will try, but i believed that latest svn are for 64 bit image when not
specified --with src=XXbits. Ian somewhere mentioned that he is now doing
only one /src ... but maybe i am wrong.

>Note that many plugins have not been updated for 64 bit VMs. Start with
>the bare minimum (BalloonEnginePlugin, BitBltSimulation, FilePlugin,
>and SocketPlugin) until you get a working VM. You can also safely
>add OSProcessPlugin, XDisplayControlPlugin, and AioPlugin, but these
>are not necessary to get a working VM.

The only plugin that i realy need is SocketPlugin.

>Give me an ftp account and password and I'll send you a working image
>within 24 hours.

You can see at the top, please let me know what you think and what the
community will need in future, i want to help somehow on this 64bit slow
evolution. I can also make any http interface from the seaside for this
little repository, and i plan to make searchable interface to http links
which are squeak related.

Jan Barger

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