[Vm-dev] Re: about IPv6

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Aug 15 03:55:11 UTC 2007

Hi Ian -

[cc: vm-dev for the usual suspects]

Okay, after looking through the changes it seems like most of the 
implementation should be fairly straightforward. There are a couple of 
questions I have about various areas though:

* Concurrent lookups: It appears that the resolver can't be used 
concurrently, is this right? (I had hoped we'd get rid of it in this 
round) Also, it seems that the image side code isn't currently 
serializing requests properly, in particular when getting the "next" 
address information etc. Is this correct or am I missing something?

* "Local" addresses: What exactly does the "local" address family mean? 
In your code you seem to simply stat() the input - are these files? If 
they are files, why would one use sockets to access them (we have a 
FilePlugin after all ;-) and what security implications does that have?

* Socket address lifetime: Why are socket addresses bound to the current 
session? It seems to me that the client should be able to decide for how 
long to cache an address. It's probably a good idea to dump addresses 
when the system gets restarted but I don't see why this would be 
*necessary*. And if it isn't necessary, I'd prefer to leave that option 
to the client.

* Address families: Does it make sense to add AF_IRDA (infra-red) and 
AF_BTM (bluetooth) as available address families? Windows supports them 
but I don't know about the Unixes. And while we're at it: How about 
SOCK_RDM (reliable datagram) and SOCK_SEQPACKET (pseudo-stream) sockets? 
Croquet could sure use those if supported ;-)

   - Andreas

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