[Vm-dev] Re: 64 bit VM, source anyone?

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Wed Dec 5 11:36:07 UTC 2007


"David T. Lewis" <lewis at mail.msen.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 10:26:44AM +0200, goran at krampe.se wrote:
> > Great, thank you! Now for some stupid questions:
> > 
> > - You use this recipe together with the current trunk in SVN or?
> > - ...eh, ok, perhaps that was my only question. :)
> Yes, I use the most recent SVN. This is important because it contains
> a recent patch that supports the "32 bit clean" change sets.

Ok, got it.
> > I am considering creating two Mercurial repos:
> > 
> > - One mirroring Ian's SVN.
> > - One that I push all the above into and make available for write to
> > people asking. :)
> > - And a VMMaker repo.
> I don't know anything about Mercurial, but IMHO the only real
> missing piece is that it would be helpful to get a copy of the
> VMMaker Montecello files copied over to a SqueakSource repository.

Mercurial is a really nice distributed SCM (like git, but simpler to
The main advantage is of course that each developer has his/her own repo
and can publish a branch etc without ever talking to "upstream".

So I can easily publish a branch with all these 64 bit fixes and
eventually - when Ian has time - he could pull those into the official
repo, but in the meantime people can use my branch etc. Much like with
MC in fact.

> That's not a tools problem, it's just a matter of convincing Tim to do it.

Yeah... the VMMaker thingy I am not clear on how to best "synch" with
the rest. Put the mcz into the tree? Not sure.

> > Why? Because:
> > 
> > 1. I would like to see if that works technically.
> > 2. I would like to see if there is enough interest from others in a more
> > distributed and open "experimental" approach to maintaining the VM.
> It would be an interesting experiment, but speaking just for myself
> I'm more interested in making best use of existing resources (people
> plus tools) and I really do not have enough free time to keep track
> of more development repositories.

I agree - but it would have been SOOO much nicer if I could just pull
your repo and go, go, go - instead of having to dig through a 20-step
guide. :)

> Shucks, I can't even keep up with
> all the different Squeak images, never mind tracking any more VM
> projects ;)

I agree. :) But hey, I just want to test it.
> Dave

regards, Göran

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