Decentralizing VM development (was Re: [Vm-dev] Re: 64 bit VM, source anyone?)

tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Dec 5 17:40:58 UTC 2007

On 5-Dec-07, at 5:48 AM, goran at wrote:
> - and hey, we
> could even instrument VMMaker so that it can be run headless and  
> produce
> the source code.
Oh come on guys, RFTM! VMMaker has been scriptable since day zero. In  
fact to be strictly correct VMMaker is *only* scriptable; it's  
VMMakerTool that is interactive and provides the UI. It was originally  
written so the exobox could do automated nightly VM builds.

I do actually have a vmmaker project on squeaksource - dating from  
when it first started up - but I never really got into the habit of  
using it because - IIRC - I had a lot of problems. I just tried to  
take a look and the site isn't even up right now. Doesn't inspire a  
lot of confidence.

Ideally, yes a more public repository than my hard disc farm would be  
nice. We really ought to have a copy of the relevant version of the  
vmmaker package in the svn tree for each release - and we really ought  
not have so many layers of crap stuffed into the svn tree!  I suppose  
an image prebuilt for each release would be nice but there is after  
all the developer image being maintained anyway. A direct interface to  
svn from the image would be nice too. Time to get some development  
work done would be a pleasant  surprise, which is why I have to point  
out that money gets involved. I'm not independently wealthy any more  
than most of you.

Oh, and I did ask a while back (on the twin of this thread on the  
seaside list) for advice, discussion, doc pointers etc about how to  
handle allowing open access to an MC repo whilst still maintaining an  
official branch etc. No responses; anybody here going to actually help  
rather than whine?

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