Decentralizing VM development (was Re: [Vm-dev] Re: 64 bit VM, source anyone?)

goran at goran at
Wed Dec 5 22:35:38 UTC 2007

"Damien Pollet" <damien.pollet at> wrote:
> On 05/12/2007, tim Rowledge <tim at> wrote:
> > Oh, and I did ask a while back (on the twin of this thread on the
> > seaside list) for advice, discussion, doc pointers etc about how to
> > handle allowing open access to an MC repo whilst still maintaining an
> > official branch etc. No responses; anybody here going to actually help
> > rather than whine?
> I guess the simplest way would be to create an official, read-only
> repo, and a separate open one for contributions.

The simplest way is just to let anyone add MC snapshots but "declare"
tpr snaps as being the "trunk". That is how we do it in Gjallar and I
guess this is also the way other project do it. Just rely on a leader to
merge in (or reject) snapshots.

regards, Göran

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