Decentralizing VM development (was Re: [Vm-dev] Re: 64 bit VM, source anyone?)

goran at goran at
Wed Dec 5 22:39:23 UTC 2007


tim Rowledge <tim at> wrote:
> On 5-Dec-07, at 5:48 AM, goran at wrote:
> > - and hey, we
> > could even instrument VMMaker so that it can be run headless and  
> > produce
> > the source code.
> Oh come on guys, RFTM! VMMaker has been scriptable since day zero. In  
> fact to be strictly correct VMMaker is *only* scriptable; it's  
> VMMakerTool that is interactive and provides the UI. It was originally  
> written so the exobox could do automated nightly VM builds.

Sure, fine - I didn't recall, my bad. But it is definitely not wired up
into the "regular VM building make script etc" - which is probably the
reason I didn't recall it actually is "scriptable".
> I do actually have a vmmaker project on squeaksource - dating from  
> when it first started up - but I never really got into the habit of  
> using it because - IIRC - I had a lot of problems. I just tried to  
> take a look and the site isn't even up right now. Doesn't inspire a  
> lot of confidence.

SS is much more stable these days - even though it actually was down
today. The absolutely easiest way to host an MC repo IMHO is to use
Apache (or whatever) serving a directory readonly and then use say
pure-ftpd to give write access to the same directory using ftp (with a

regards, Göran

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