[Vm-dev] Re: Unix VM path encodings

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Sun Dec 30 09:37:31 UTC 2007

El dom, 30-12-2007 a las 10:28 +0100, Andreas Raab escribió:
>  Oh, interesting. That reminds me of the fix that I needed for Windows, 
> let me see... yes, here it is: LanguageEnvironment 
> class>>defaultFileNameConverter needs to be fixed since it is (wrongly) 
> guessing the file name encoding based on the currently active locale 
> (which makes no sense btw, since the locale doesn't mean Jack for file 
> name encodings). Hm ... lemme try this ... ah, interesting. It appears 
> that I can make the Umlauts work on Unix correctly if and only if:
> * I fix the above method to return UTF8TextConverter in every case [*1]
> * I use -pathenc MacRoman -textenc MacRoman
> Which makes no sense to me since neither the path nor the text encoding 
> is MacRoman but it appears to work. Huh?

And what's the result of dragging and dropping a file (a gif, mp3, or
any other with the mime type registered) over the image if the file name
contains the Umlauts?
That has never worked either in the unix vm...

> [*1] And that of course reminds me that nobody has really made any 
> comment on why the hell we still deal with all of these nonsensical 
> legacy encodings and don't just go straight to UTF-8 in the VM interface 
> which would simplify *lots* of cruft in the code.

Totally agree, maybe every vm hacker thinks everybody use english or it
was just too messy to waste time on it...
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