[Vm-dev] [BUG] Security plugin

Vagelis Savvas vagy at freemail.gr
Sun Dec 30 13:16:58 UTC 2007

Hello to all,

The Windows VM, as downloaded from squeakland.org, fails to start
the image when the Windows system drive isn't C: (but G: as is in
my case). I tracked down the problem in SecurityPlugin and
particularly in ioInitSecurity where i can see:

   /* establish untrusted user directory */
   lstrcpy(untrustedUserDirectory, TEXT("C:\\My Squeak\\%USERNAME%"));

I can see the same path in the Debugger when, during image start-up,
some other primitive fails while trying to create this directory on
the non-existant drive C:.
If i 'subst c: g:\' the image starts up just fine.

Happy new year!


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