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Hi Dev Team,

We have started working with the Web Team to add a press release section to
the squeak.org site. They have agreed to that. The message we sent them is

We have a pair of requests we'd like the Dev Team to consider:

1) Please announce when the next VM can be expected. 1 month? 3 months? 6
months? It is important to us at the PR Team, so we can plan around this

2) We would like the Dev Team in the form of Professor Ralph Johnson to
provide us with copy for the press release we will be drafting. We would
like him to write two sentences that answer the following questions: 1. What
is the value of using Squeak?; 2. What is new in Squeak? The reasons for
this are better explained in the following email previously sent to the Web

Please consider this request,

Chris Cunnington 
PR Team Tsar

Hi Web Team, 

I'm with the PR Team, and I'd like to make a request for an addition to the
squeak.org website.

I request the Web Team to create a web page for and called either Press
Releases or Media. If you want an example of what I mean look at any large
corporation, and that's what I request exactly.

When 3.10 is launched I'm going to post this information to Slashdot.org. I
will need a page to link my reference to. Also, for anybody from a newspaper
or magazine or Ars Technica or whomever, they will need to read the press
release of what has just been announced.

The content and form of the press release, I will not enter into at the
moment other than to say I will petition Ralph Johnson for a quote about the
value of the Squeak vm, and what is new in this iteration of the vm. I am
told that his name value is very high on account of his co-writing "Design
Patterns", which is exactly what we want.

Please consider this request,

Chris Cunnington
PR Team Tsar

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