[Vm-dev] saving window top/left in the image, and what does it mean?

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Tue Jan 23 22:26:24 UTC 2007

For reasons lost in time, although one of the readers might now, the  
vm stores the window width/height in the image file, but not the top/ 

Now Eliot Miranda asked me about launching Squeak on his mac and  
having it show up as full screen on the secondary display. Which of
course does not happen since it opens on the main display and goes to  
full screen there.  To do this I would need to know that I have to place
the window on the secondary display, or elsewhere in the coordinate  
system which would be the secondary display, then go to full screen.

I'd like to propose that we grab another 4 bytes (8 bytes?) out of  
the header and store the top/left in mmm macintosh quickdraw  
coordinate systems values.
Then on main window open a VM would need to see if the window created  
based on the top/left be visible, if so to open it at those  
coordinates, otherwise
fall back to the historical code.   I realize of course this might  
not work for Xwindows or Windows (no clue) but even just having the  
ability to position a
squeak window at startup at a given location is more useful than our  
fall back position of 44 & 8.

Perhaps even suggesting a number (2) meaning use the secondary screen  
or something, mm and top/left being 0/0 of top/left of 2nd screen.

Thoughts?  Well one part is do we need this?
The second is how to implement in a manner that all VMs would do the  
right thing based on some magic numbers.

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